What work in the era of digital platforms? The challenges of a new social contract (Quel travail à l’ère des plates-formes numériques ? Les défis d’un nouveau contrat social)

The strike movements in France of Uber drivers and deliverers Deliveroo attracted attention, in the spring and summer of 2019, on the special status of these non-salaried workers but very dependent on the digital platforms that pay them at the same time. task. Their situation may not be representative of all those working in relation to such platforms and, moreover, the employment generated by these platforms may not represent a substantial part of the workload. total employment, particularly in France. Nevertheless, the appearance of these new forms of work is questioning in many ways, Louis-Charles Viossat presents here the main characteristics of these platforms and the multiple forms of work and employment that contribute to their functioning. It also shows the very modest share of this type of employment in the economy and relativizes the threat that they would represent, according to some commentators, for wage labor. It emphasizes, however, the risks that platform work poses to working conditions and the quality of employment; risks that call for regulatory and legal framework measures in order to adapt the current social contract to current and future developments in this area.

Viossat , L. (2019), What work in the era of digital platforms: The challenges of a new social contract. Futuribles , 433 (6), 63-79.


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  • France
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  • Deliveroo, Uber
  • employment status, industrial action, work intensity, working time quality, work-life balance
  • French
  • Futuribles (Research institute)
  • Qualitative research
  • 2019
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