Data collection methodology

The information reported in the restructuring events database is gathered by an extensive Network of Eurofound Correspondents which carries out a wide ranging screening of daily and business press and online sources. The correspondents record large-scale company restructuring events in the EU28 countries as well as Norway. An event is included if it entails the announced destruction or creation of at least 100 jobs, or at least 10% of the workforce at sites employing more than 250 people. Cross-national restructuring events are also reported to the ERM.

Eurofound staff members monitor the quality of the data supplied by correspondents in an ongoing process of feedback and evaluation. The information is cross-checked by means of different sources. Restructuring events previously published on the database are updated when details of the case change and are covered in the main media titles. Each event is recorded in a standardised format, called a ‘fact sheet’, which allows for the compilation of indicative statistics comparing countries, sectors or types of restructuring.

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