Information available

The information gathered about restructuring events is recorded into a standard format – called 'fact sheet'. Each case contains the following information:

  • Company name and group;
  • Geographic location: country, region and affected unit;
  • The sector described using the NACE code (classification rev 2);
  • The number employed in the affected unit prior to restructuring;
  • The announcement date when the restructuring is reported for the first time in the press;
  • Type of restructuring event – bankruptcy, closure, offshoring/delocalisation, relocation, outsourcing, merger or acquisition, internal restructuring, business expansion;
  • Number of announced job reductions / creation;
  • Number of direct dismissals or other job reductions measures due to restructuring;
  • The employment effect start date when the announced jobs are expected to be lost or created;
  • The foreseen end date when the announced jobs are expected to be lost or created by;
  • The media sources used to report the case (name of source and publication date of the article) and links to the original article when available.

In addition to the structured data, there is also very rich and useful information on individual cases, which forms the basis for subsequent qualitative research.