Exploring the diversity of NEETs

As a follow-up to Eurofound’s 2012 report on NEETs - Young people not in employment, education or training: Characteristics, costs and policy responses in Europe, the newly published report Exploring the diversity of NEETs investigates the composition of NEETs in Europe. While the NEET indicator is a powerful tool for drawing attention to the problems of young people in today’s labour market, it brings together a heterogeneous group of young people whose needs for support differ accordingly. To better assist policy makers in understanding who is represented in the NEETs group and to assist the design of adequate policy support this report proposes a new disaggregation of the NEET population into seven subgroups, based on data from the EU Labour Force Survey.

The report shows that the largest category of NEETs aged 15–24 in Europe were the short-term unemployed (29.8%), followed by the long-term unemployed (22%). Re-entrants accounted for 7.8%; those who are NEET due to family responsibilities, 15.4%; those unavailable due to illness or disability, 6.8%  while 5.8% of NEETs are discouraged workers.

The report also includes detailed country factsheets for each of the 28 EU Member States which explore the situation of NEETs in the respective country. These country factsheets provide a snapshot of the NEET situation at Member State level including trends in youth unemployment and NEET numbers, the compositions of the NEET group and their risk of social exclusion.

Authors: Massimiliano Mascherini (Research Manager) and Stefanie Ledermaier.

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