Italy: Social partners sign deal on working time flexibility

On 14 June 2014 social partners in the steel pipe industry signed an agreement on working time flexibility.  

Fim, Fiom and Uilm – the union federations bringing together metalworkers affiliated to Cisl, Cgil and Uil – completed the deal alongside works council representatives and Tenaris Dalmine, a multinational company located near Bergamo in Lombardy.

The agreement means the company can change weekly working times, increasing them to up to 48 hours to cope with workload and orders.

To avoid use of job security agreements or the wages guarantee fund, overtime hours will be used to compensate for time reduction periods, reducing working time to 32 hours a week. Workers will receive a bonus for work carried out above the daily working time and on Saturdays.

The agreement was subject to a ballot in which 67.6% of workers voted in favour. It came into force on 1 July 2014.

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