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Ivailo Kalfin to brief Employment and Social Affairs Ministers on post-pandemic challenges

Eurofound Executive Director Ivailo Kalfin will brief EU Ministers for Work, Employment and Social Affairs (EPSCO) on relevant post-pandemic labour market and social challenges in Europe at the informal ministerial meeting in Bordeaux tomorrow. Participants will discuss the working themes of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU, and in particular the impact of climate change and digitalisation on the labour market.

Mr Kalfin will emphasise how labour market and social changes seen during the pandemic will continue to influence developments in the immediate future, and how this broad process of change will influence digital and green transitions – which themselves imply the transformation of European economies, affecting what we consume and produce, and how we do so.

Mr Kalfin will highlight the important role of social partners in the challenging road ahead, and the crucial function of social dialogue in engaging the knowledge and commitment of representative social actors to contribute to evidence-based policy and ensure consensus, whenever possible. This is vital in the areas of the transition to a climate-neutral economy, and digitalisation.

Speaking shortly before the event, Ivailo Kalfin said:

‘I am pleased to have this opportunity to address Ministers on some of the important developments that Eurofound has documented over the past two years, as well as our observations on the important role of social partners in furthering Europe’s digital and climate transitions.’

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Image © Eurofound 2022, Credit: Conor Healy / Picture It Photography

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