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Going for Growth

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Going for Growth


Going for Growth is a mentoring programme aimed at women entrepreneurs whose business has been trading for at least two years.

Main characteristics

Participants have access to 'round tables' meetings with lead women entrepreneurs who share their experience and recommendations. Each lead entrepreneur commits to do 'round table' meetings, on a voluntary basis, for three hours per month during the six-month programme cycle. The round table sessions 'explore a series of relevant questions related to growth and work through a series of agendas which explore relevant questions with a focus on achieving growth' (Going for Growth webpage).

The most important feature of this programme is that the mentors are experienced entrepreneurs who know how difficult and isolating can be to establish a business. They are willing to share their journey and inspire participants.

The Going for Growth initiative is funded by Enterprise Ireland and KPMG.

The 10th cycle was completed in June 2018. The 11th cycle is open for registration in November 2018.

The initiative began in 2009.


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Involved actors

National government
Enterprise Ireland
Employer or employee organisations


As of June 2018, the programme has completed 10 cycles of mentoring, allowing more than 500 women entrepreneurs to benefit of the peer to peer exchange and mentoring from lead entrepreneurs. The next round of application will open in November 2018.

Participants reported an increase in their confidence, ambition and motivation.

The Going for Growth cycle in 2016 reported that 75% participants increased their turnover over the six months of the cycle by an average of 33%, bringing the turnover of the group to over €33.2 million. There was a 43% increase in the number of exporters among the group. An additional 70 jobs were created by participants (+17%), while 415 existing jobs were strengthened (Going for Growth webpage).


The programme received awards during the years and the value of the service it provides has been recognised by private and public stakeholders. A pilot initiative inspired by this programme was run in 2014 in Finland and Going for Growth won the Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills Category at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2015.

An example of the benefits of the Going for Growth sessions is described by Mary Ann O'Brien: 'Going for Growth provides an excellent platform for female entrepreneurs focused on growing their businesses to meet and develop good relationships with other businesswomen. The programme’s peer-led approach offers a unique learning environment, which is based on shared experiences.'


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Many participants found the support of the Going for Growth peers and leaders beneficial for the improvement of their confidence in running their business. Participants stories are available here: http://www.goingforgrowth.com/participants-stories/.
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