Greece: New cooperation agreement for the development of human resources in technical professions

Three organisations cooperate in the development of human resources in technical professions to address the 'Greek production paradox'.

In December 2015, the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), the General Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants of Greece (GSEVEE), and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), signed a cooperation agreement (in Greek) for the development of human resources in technical professions at all levels. The initiative concerns employees, the self-employed and unemployed, focussing on promoting and supporting access to the labour market in the sector, combating sectoral unemployment, improving skills in the direction of new job profiles, developing new skills in terms of new professional profiles, and developing new specialities and employment qualifications that are compatible with the orientation of the new production model.

This cooperation was prompted by the 'inconsistency' recorded in numerous surveys between the dynamic outlook for technical specialities and the exorbitant unemployment rates experienced in the sector, constituting a dangerous 'Greek production paradox'. The immediate future planning and implementation of actions will take place through a joint steering committee in which the three institutions will participate with three members each (INE/GSEE will have scientific responsibility on behalf of GSEE). These actions will include the mapping of the area by speciality, profession, discipline; the development and provision of information services; career guidance and counselling; running Specialist Vocational Training Programmes; and planning actions to support the unemployed in the labour market in ways that will be based on an individualised approach.

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