Digital age

The changing nature of work in the digitised workplaceForthcoming

Planned publication date
Iunie 2021


This report will draw from case studies of establishments across the EU that have introduced advanced digital technologies in the workplace. The technologies in focus are the Internet of Things, 3D printing and virtual and augmented reality. Each case study – illustrated in the report - will explore the approach or strategy taken by the establishment to manage the digital transition and the impact of the deployment of the technology on the work organisation and job quality. The case studies will also investigate employee involvement and social dialogue in relation to digitisation of the workplace.

Ultimately the report is intended to inform European policy making in the area of digitisation with a view to supporting establishments across Europe to prepare their digital transition and make the most of the opportunities offered by digitisation.


Establishments – whether part of a public or private organisation - interested in participating in this research are invited to contact Eurofound (

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