Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct

In 2017, several German-based platforms undersigned a Code of Conduct for crowdsourcing and crowdworking, which is supported by the Deutscher Crowdsourcing Verband (DCV) (German Crowdsourcing Association).

    The Code of Conduct lists 10 responsibilities of platforms aimed at improving working conditions and fair treatment. The list includes:

    • The responsibility of the platform to provide projects that conform to the law;
    • inform workers of legal regulations and tax regulation;
    • provide fair payment;
    • provide motivating and fulfilling work;
    • foster respectful relations between the platform, client and worker;
    • provide (or help the client to provide) clear task instructions to workers;
    • provide assistance to workers (technical and otherwise);
    • ensure transparent task approval processes;
    • guarantee workers’ right to refuse tasks without negatively affecting their ability to contract new work, and;
    • protect the privacy of workers.


    • Initiative
    • Code of conduct, standards
    • Germany, United Kingdom
    • Business association
    • Yes
    • no specific sector focus
    • health and safety, income, privacy and data protection, taxation
    • English, German
    • 2021
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