Slovakia: Partial improvments in working conditions and health and safety at work

The number of occupational accidents and diseases have declined and fewer shortcomings in working conditions have been recorded from 2013 to 2014, according to two recent reports.

Labour protection and occupational safety and health are government priorities and related issues are regularly discussed with social partners.

On 29 June 2015, the Slovakian Economic and Social Council discussed two relevant documents:

According to both reports, the number of accidents at work and occupational diseases decreased and partial improvement was achieved in improvement of working conditions and occupational safety and health (OSH).

In 2014, the Labour Inspection detected 47,241 shortcomings in the field of OSH, technical facilities and buildings, work organisation and work methods. In comparison with 2013, a decrease of 8.7% in detected shortcomings was recorded. In total, 8,195 occupational injuries were registered, down by 141 accidents (1.7% decrease) in comparison with 2013. Among them, 146 injuries resulted in severe bodily harm (down by 9 cases or 6%) and 39 were fatal (down by 14 cases or more than 26%). More than 30% of occupational injuries concerned handling of materials and loads. In 2014, 289 cases of occupational diseases and 44 cases with the threat of occupational disease were reported. Checks made by the labour inspectorates in 2014 showed a decreasing trend in detected shortcomings in OSH, working conditions, occupational injuries and occupational diseases in comparison with the previous year. These improvements are attributed largely to improved preventive activities of labour inspection bodies, mainly via consultations and guidance provided to company management and employee representatives.    

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