Spain: New strategy for health and safety at work approved

The new strategy for health and safety at work emphasises prevention of accidents and illnesses and collaboration between stakeholders. 

In April 2015, the Spanish government approved the Spanish Strategy for Health and Safety at Work 2015–2020. The strategy had been discussed by the government, the governments of the autonomous communities and social partners for more than two years, following the expiry of the previous strategy for 2007–2012. The strategy serves as a basis for the government to improve and reinforce public policies on prevention of risk and safety at work. Among its objectives, the strategy aims to improve the implementation of health and safety legislation, particularly in SMEs, and to prevent work-related illness.

The Strategy for Health and Safety at Work 2015–2020 has two main principles: prevention and collaboration. Prevention is emphasised as the most efficient way to reduce accidents at work and work-related illnesses, and collaboration between public institutions, employers and workers promotes the improvement of working conditions. All workers in Spain will benefit from the strategy, whose total cost will be around €36 million over the six-year period.


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