Michele Consolini – Unit B: Employment

Prior to joining Unit B at Eurofound in September 2020, I completed a Master’s degree in Political Communication at University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at University of Bologna and at Radboud University.

Having a quantitative background, my trainee tasks were mainly survey-related. This ranged from automating the creation of customised reports as form of reminder, to building survey weights for the European Company Survey COVID-19 follow-up survey, to working on structural equation modelling for an economic framework. I carried out desk research on quantitative methods to capture hard-to-reach cohorts, e.g. platform workers. I presented some of the findings on survey errors and the impact of reminders at the ESRA conference in 2021.

I was allowed to work independently and organise my schedule, while given timely and constructive feedback on how to carry out the task. The environment at Eurofound has been more than welcoming and accommodating despite teleworking for most of spring 2021. Senior colleagues were eager to listen to my suggestions and they always treated me as a fellow researcher, which was highly motivating. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in cross-country social research with a keen focus on labour and workers’ issues.

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