Frank Van Boven

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Frank Van Boven

Head of Human Resources, Eurofound

Frank van Boven is Head of Human Resources at Eurofound since July 2018. In October 2015, he started working at Eurofound as HR Development Manager. Prior to that, he worked as manager of the EFSA Academy at the European Food Safety Authority in Italy and in the Dutch public administration. For almost 10 years, he served in advisory and managerial roles in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His main areas of interest are organisational and talent development. From 2015 to 2018, he was chair of the Inter-Agency Competency Framework working group tasked with delivering a comprehensive framework and toolkit applicable to all EU agencies. Frank graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Economics at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, followed by postgraduate studies in Human Resources Management, Change Management and International Relations.


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