Regional legislation in Lazio, Italy

The Italian region of Lazio drafted a manifesto of the ‘Fundamental rights in the gig-economy’ and new legislation titled ‘Proposal for a regional law on standards for the protection and security of digital workers’. The new law was adopted after a public consultation phase and addresses wages of platform workers, transparency of platforms’ operations as well as health, safety and social security aspects of platform work. The law lays out that platforms are responsible for accounting for health and safety at work by providing protective devices and trainings. Digital platforms are furthermore obliged to insure the workers against accidents at work and occupational diseases. In accordance with national legislation, the digital workers have the right to social security protection. Renumeration of workers via platforms is determined to be based on working time in order to ensure that workers receive payment according to the minimum hourly rate affirmed by the collective labour agreements. Also, the new law announces the establishment of a council as a permanent consultation body in relation to policies on digital work and a regional register for digital workers and platforms. 

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  • Initiative
  • Legislation
  • Italy
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  • health and safety, income, social protection
  • Italian
  • 2021
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