Platform economy initiatives

03 Februar 2021

This section of Eurofound’s web repository on the platform economy aims to provide an overview of the various initiatives that exist or that have been implemented in relation to activities in the platform economy. As the platform economy itself is very heterogeneous, so are these initiatives. Therefore, Eurofound takes a broad understanding of ‘initiative’, which can be approximated as any organised attempt to:

  • manage platform economy based activities in order to ensure compliance with rules and regulations (for example, in August 2018, the city of Vienna announced a cooperation with an accommodation platform to ensure tax compliance of its users);
  • any non-institutionalised attempt to provide ancillary support services for platform workers, platform companies or clients (for example, workers providing each other trouble shooting assistance on a forum);
  • any proposed or undertaken action with the aim of representing actors in the platform economy in the public or political sphere (for example, Deliveroo bike couriers forming a ‘Riders Union’).

The overview organises initiatives by their function. As some initiatives have more than one function, they can occur under several headings.

This overview presents a list of initiatives known to Eurofound and does not by any means claim to be exhaustive. Furthermore, the following does not constitute any assessment of initiatives either by including them or absenting them from the list. The descriptions of the initiatives use the terms denoted by the initiatives themselves to describe their area of operation, for example ‘sharing economy’, the ‘collaborative economy’, the ‘platform economy’ or otherwise.

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The initiative was launched to help the General Labour Federation of Belgium Fédération Générale du Travail de Belgique in French, FGTB; Algemeen Belgisch Vakverbond in Dutch, ABVV...

Sindacato-Networkers is one of the first trade union platforms targeting ICT professionals and employees in the services sector and platform workers. Sindacato-Networkers offers a series of...

The Edinburgh Workers’ Observatory is a worker-led collaboration of platform workers and researchers. It is supported by the Scottish Trades’ Union Congress (STUC) and the University of...

Stride Health is an online health insurance broker focusing on connecting individuals with health plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Riders x Derechos was founded by a group of food delivery riders in Spain to negotiate better working conditions with the respective platforms. 

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is a trade union representing low paid migrant workers, such as outsourced cleaners and security guards, and platform workers in UK. 

In cooperation with the German metalworkers’ union (IG Metall), several platforms and the German Crowdsourcing Association have established...

Since 2016, the European Commission is organising different events, workshops and research efforts under the umbrella of the ‘European Agenda for the... is a network for platform workers across different types of platform work. It categorises platforms into different industries and task types, supporting workers in finding the right...

TurkerView is a platform for Amazon Mechanical Turk workers that collects data from participating members to give insights into wages, appropriateness of rewards, how well a workflow is...

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