A trainee's experience - Procurement

What is it like to work as a trainee at Eurofound?

My name is Ildikó Haramiaová and I am from Slovakia. I graduated from the Trnava University in Trnava last year, where I studied law. Having studied both European Law and Labour Law, I became very interested in the both mentioned fields, so I decided to apply for a traineeship at Eurofound to put my acquired skills and theoretical knowledge gained during my legal studies into practice. I also hoped to deepen my understanding and knowledge of the legal environment in which the EU institutions operate.

After several interviews, I was offered a traineeship in the Operational Support Unit (OSU) which supports the Agency’s research and communication task in the area of planning, project management, procurement, performance indicators and evaluation.

My 5-month traineeship was in the area of procurement. It gave me the chance to get a full picture of the various procurement procedures resulting in public contracts with an Agency of the European Union. During my traineeship, I also carried out several projects. I assisted in developing new templates in the procurement area, compiling and updating guidelines, and providing recommendations for some internal procedures based on my own internal evaluation. I did desk research and conducted interviews with Eurofound staff to get feedback. I also helped with analysis of data and provided feedback and suggestions for improvement. I was very lucky to have such friendly and helpful colleagues in the OSU. I would like to say THANK YOU to my Head of Unit and all the colleagues for their time, willingness to share their knowledge with me, and their valuable advice during this relatively short but very educative traineeship.