Eleonora Clerici – Unit C: Social Policies

I have a background in criminology, sociology and applied social science. I have always been interested in using data and knowledge to comprehend and respond to the needs and challenges of a changing world.

At Eurofound, my role in the social policy unit is to contribute to quantitative data analysis, to cross-check analytical results and to draft literature and policy reviews. In my daily work, I use SPSS, Excel, European databases and policy briefs. During the traineeship, I mainly contributed to the project ‘Households and families in the 21st Century – new living arrangements’, which belongs to the activity area of Quality of life and quality of society. I have also participated in other projects with several researchers, which allowed me to improve not only my working and research skills, but also my interpersonal abilities.

I applied for the traineeship, because I was curious to know how the social research field unfolds at EU level and because it could be a unique opportunity to combine the need to put my studies into practice, to acquire new competences and to work in a multicultural environment. During these months, I became aware of my personal interest towards social research and I assimilated knowledge and tools to analyse social issues. For these reasons, I recommend Eurofound for its traineeship programme, especially because of the friendly and stimulating working environment.

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