Information and Communication

Information and Communication Unit 
Head of Information and Communication:
Mary McCaughey
Communication Project Officer: Anna Gallinat
Administrative Assistant:
Mary Kelly
Events Coordinator:
Cristina Arigho
Events Organiser:
Bernice Turner
Events Assistant:
Nathalie Sauvegrain
Information & Communication Assistant: Inma Montes-Kinsella
Media & Promotions
Media & Promotions Manager:
Måns Mårtensson
National Outreach Manager: Catherine Leeson
Promotions Officer: James Higgins
Helen Burke, Aidan McKeown, Hilary O'Donoghue
Typeset & Design Officer:
Martin Flynn
Production Coordination Officer:
Philip Ireland
Web Content Manager: Stijn Van De Vyver
Editor: Clare Deasley
Web Assistant:
Sylvie Seigné-Monks
Information Centre
Library and Metadata Coordinator Jan Vandamme [also contributes to the web team]