Tricargo Collective

Tricargo is a fusion of the Radlogistik Hamburg UG (logistics company) and the tricargo eG (cooperative). The Radlogistik Hamburg UG was founded in 2016 to work as a logistics service provider in Hamburg. Tricargo  manages the delivery service via cargo bikes. It has 16 employees, 14 of which are active couriers. Furthermore, it owns 4 e-cargo-bikes and rents prototypes from the tricargo eG. It aims to extend its field of operation to other cities. The cooperative tricargo eG was formed in 2018 and is now responsible for the product development of the cargo bikes, the establishment of services in the field of bike logistics and the provision of consultations for urban logistics systems with cargo bikes. Its main goal is to realise a shift in urban mobility towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. The cooperative consists of approximately 100 members (as of October 2020), which are not only couriers or workers, but also clients, shareholders, suppliers, investors etc. The members profit from surpluses and price advantages, they can participate in the decision-making within the company and can support the creation of better living conditions in cities. 


  • Initiative
  • Code of conduct, standards, Provision of insurance and social protection
  • Germany
  • Client, Platform, Worker
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • platform cooperatives
  • German
  • 2021
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