Social Partners Lunch Debate: Wage-setting mechanisms in the EU: towards further decentralisation and ‘marketisation’?


18 June 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Organisation: Eurofound Brussels Liaison Office
Restaurant l’Atelier, 28 Rue Franklin, 1000 Brussels

The economic crisis and the related impact on industrial relations and working conditions are changing the world of work in Europe. Since the onset of the crisis in 2008, wage-setting regimes in some Member States have undergone profound change and wage bargaining practices continue to be at the centre of the European policy debate.


The objective of the lunch is to discuss developments in wage-setting mechanisms in the context of the recent crisis and the EU’s new economic governance regime. The discussion will focus in particular on some major trends in policies and approaches at national or sectoral level in wage bargaining regimes and links between different levels involved in it.


The debate will be based on the forthcoming on the forthcoming Eurofound comparative analytical report ‘Changes to wage-setting mechanisms in the context of the crisis and the EU’s new economic governance regime’   which covers  the twenty eight EU Member States plus Norway and is a follow-up to a wider Eurofound project on the impact of crisis on industrial relations and working conditions.

Eurofound Deputy Director Erika Mezger, and Christian Welz, research manager in charge of the report, will introduce the debate. They will give insight into the different dimensions of wage setting in the Member States, such as main wage bargaining level(s), horizontal coordination across bargaining units, extension procedures and those governing continuation of agreements beyond expiry, minimum wage setting and indexation mechanisms, volume and duration of collective wage agreements etc. They will also highlight some elements of the EU level current debate on the issue.

Patrick Itschert, Deputy General Secretary, ETUC and Maxime Cerutti, Director, Social Affairs Department, Bussineseurope, will comment on the Eurofound report and contribute to the exchange with the social partners.

Participation is by invitation only.

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