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Restructuring related legislation

Eurofound’s ERM database on restructuring related legal regulations provides information on regulations in the Member States of the European Union and Norway which are explicitly or implicitly linked to anticipating and managing change. The database covers statutory rules, only, and does not include collective agreements or company-level initiatives. The regulations are described in terms of their content, thresholds, involved actors and who covers the cost (if applicable). The aim is to provide an easy possibility of a cross-national comparison of the main features of restructuring related legislation.

Eurofound aims to keep this information up to date and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However, Eurofound accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information in this database. This information is:

  • of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity; not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
  • sometimes linked to external sites over which Eurofound services have no control and for which Eurofound assumes no responsibility;
  • not professional or legal advice (if specific advice is needed, a suitably qualified professional should be consulted).

Research carried out prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January 2020, and published subsequently, may include data relating to the 28 EU Member States. Following this date, research only takes into account the 27 EU Member States (EU28 minus the UK), unless specified otherwise.

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  • CountryEU 27 + UK and Norway
  • Titlethe title is made up of the country name and type, for example: Austria: working time flexibility
  • PhaseEither anticipation or management
    • Anticipationrefers to activities that help to prepare workers or companies for change.
    • Managementcovers activities required to handle a current restructuring event while minimising social costs. It refers to the steps involved in implementing an organisational change process.
  • Typethe range includes, for example, provisions for collective dismissal, information/consultation obligations, notice periods and severance payments, training obligations for employers and employees and regulations concerning working time flexibility
  • Choose bywhether the regulation is obligatory in all circumstances or only for companies over a certain size or cases affecting a certain number of workers
  • Cost covered by
    • no specific additional costs are involved
    • costs covered by national or regional governments
    • cost covered by companies in general or the specific employer undergoing restructuring
    • cost covered by employees
  • Involved actorsincluding regional or local government, works councils, employers’ organisations, trade union or public employment services. The national government, as legislator, is assumed to be involved in all regulations so is not included as a filter option.
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Title Country Type Оригинални назив Енглески називsort ascending
Greece: Notice period to employees Greece Notice period to employees -N. 4093/2012: Έγκριση Μεσοπρόθεσμου Πλαισίου Δημοσιονομικής Στρατηγικής 2013−2016 − Επείγοντα Μέτρα Εφαρμογής του ν. 4046/2012 και του Μεσοπρόθεσμου Πλαισίου Δημοσιονομικής Στρατηγικής 2013−2016 -N. 3863/2010: Νέο Ασφαλιστικό Σύστημα και συναφείς διατάξεις. Ρυθμίσεις στις Eργασιακές Σχέσεις; N. 3899/2010: Επείγοντα Μέτρα Εφαρμογής του Προγράμματος Στήριξης της Ελληνικής Οικονομίας; N. 4093/2012: Έγκριση Μεσοπρόθεσμου Πλαισίου Δημοσιονομικής Στρατηγικής 2013−2016 − Επείγοντα Μέτρα Εφαρμογής του ν. 4046/2012 και του Μεσοπρόθεσμου Πλαισίου Δημοσιονομικής Στρατηγικής 2013−2016 -Law 4093/2012: Adoption of the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy 2013-2016 - Urgent Measures for the implementation of Law 4046/2012 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2013-2016 (Government Gazette A 222/12-11-2012) -Law 3863/2010: New Social Security System and relevant provisions. Regulations on Labour Relations; Law 3899/2010: Urgent measures to implement the programme to support the Greek economy; Law 4093/2012: Approval of the Medium-term Framework Fiscal Strategy 2013-2016 – Urgent Measures for the Implementation of Law 4046/2012 and the Medium-term Fiscal Strategy Framework 2013-2016
Hungary: Right to disconnect Hungary Right to disconnect - -
Belgium: Employment protection in relation to business transfers Belgium Employment protection in relation to business transfers Collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst nr. 32 bis gesloten op 7 juni 1985 in de Nationale Arbeidsraad, betreffende het behoud van de rechten van de werknemers bij wijziging van werkgever ingevolge de overgang van ondernemingen krachtens overeenkomst en tot regeling van de rechten van de werknemers die overgenomen worden bij overname van activa na faillissement / Convention collective de travail No 32 BIS conclue le 7 juin 1985 au sein du Conseil national du travail, concernant le maintien des droits des travailleurs en cas de changement d'employeur du fait d'un transfert conventionnel d'entreprise et réglant les droits des travailleurs repris en cas de reprise de l'actif après faillit; Collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst nr. 9 houdende ordening van de in de Nationale Arbeidsraad gesloten nationale akkoorden en collectieve arbeidsovereenkomsten betreffende de ondernemingsraden / Convention collective de travail n° 9 du 9 mars 1972 coordonnant les accords nationaux et les conventions collectives de travail relatifs aux conseils d'entreprise conclus au sein du Conseil national du Travail; Collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst nr. 6 van 30 juni 1971 Betreffende de faciliteiten welke moeten verleend worden aan leden die de werknemers in de comités voor veiligheid, gezondheid en verfraaiing der werkplaatsen vertegenwoordigen / Convention collective de travail n° 6 du 30 juin 1971 concernant les facilités à consentir aux membres représentant les travailleurs aux comités de sécurité, d'hygiène et d'embellissement des lieux de travail ; Wet van 4 augustus 1996 betreffende het welzijn van de werknemers bij de uitvoering van hun werk / Loi du 4 Aout 1996 relative au bien-être des travailleurs lors de l'exécution de leur travail ; Wet van 5 december 1968 betreffende de collectieve arbeidsovereenkomsten en de paritaire comités / Loi du 5 decembre 1968 sur les conventions collectives de travail et les commissions paritaires; "Collective labour agreement nr. 32 bis agreed upon 7th of June 1985 in the National Labour Council, concerning the retention of employee rights in case of a change of employer due to a transfer of enterprises by force of agreement, and the establisment of employee rights for those retained in case of a take-over of assets after closure"; Collective labour agreement nr. 9 with relation to the ordering of the national agreements and collective labour argreements made by the National Labour Councils concerning the Workcouncils; Collective labour agreement nr. 6 of 30th of June 1971 concerning the facilities which have to be provided to members wih represent employees in the comités for saftey, health and beautification of places of work.; Law of 4th of August 1996 concerning the well-being of employees during the exectuion of their work; Law of 5th December 1968 concerning the collective labour agreements and the joint commitees.
United Kingdom: Selection of employees for (collective) dismissals United Kingdom Selection of employees for (collective) dismissals Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992
Austria: Obligation to undertake energy efficiency audits Austria Obligation to undertake energy efficiency audits Energieeffizienzgesetz Energy efficiency act
Hungary: Rescue procedures in insolvency Hungary Rescue procedures in insolvency 1991. évi XLIX. törvény a Csődeljárásról és a Felszámolási eljárásról Act XLIX of 1991 on bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings