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Succession bourse

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Last modified: 03 August, 2021
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Succession bourse


This programme is available to all companies.

Main characteristics

This service, which is free of charge, aims to bring together entrepreneurs who want to transfer their business with potential successors. Details of potential successors and companies to be transferred are registered on the website of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO). Users can then select from the list and contact the chosen company or candidate for the transfer. The search profile offers the following possibilities: region, sector, turnover, number of employees, size of the business, type of business acquisition (rent/lease/buying/life annuity), location.

Upon registration, the users must indicate their name, business and contact details. These data are not published and users can remain anonymous if they so wish.

Usually the advertisements are placed directly by the users and are online immediately. There is no systematic screening of advertisements and the Nachfolgebörse does not monitor them. However, obviously inappropriate entries (e.g. advertising for products or services) are removed by the administrators. Advertisements can be changed at any time; it is the users’ responsibility to keep them up to date. The user can also predefine an expiry date, but there is no time limit for advertisements.

Nachfolgebörse does not provide a matching service. In order to establish contact, a registered user can send a message to an advertiser’s mailbox. The latter will be informed by email that someone has tried to contact them. The first contact between members of the bourse can remain anonymous, only user IDs are revealed in the exchange. Additionally, the partners of the business transfer can get advice regarding specific problems that may arise. Complementary services related to business succession are also provided by WKO, such as:


  • Employers' organisation
  • Companies

Involved actors

Employer or employee organisations
Website by the WKO. The service aims at bringing together entrepreneurs who want to transfer their business with potential successors.


In November 2020, there were 196 active inquiries and 744 active offers published on the WKO's succession portal. Nevertheless, WKO estimates that by 2027, around 41,700 small and medium-sized businesses will be eligible for handover.

In 2017, a total number of 6,309 companies in Austria were transferred to successors. In 2019, the number of transferred companies was 6,770. These numbers speak for growth of succession deals. Furthermore, the agency predicts that successful transfers will secure around 424,000 jobs over the next 10 years.


The portal provides substantial expertise; all interested parties can access the main services, such as succession checks, guidelines, calculators, and price determinations.


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