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Business transfer platform

Phase: Management
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  • Support of business transfers
  • Support of SMEs
Last modified: 03 August, 2021
Оригинални назив:

Overnamemarkt/Plateforme de transmission

Енглески назив:

Business transfer platform


This is available to all companies in Flanders.

Main characteristics

The platform aims to bring together buyers and sellers of companies. Overnamemarkt can be searched by sector, region, turnover, transfer value, intermediary, number of employees (full–time equivalent), keyword or a combination of these criteria. Every potential seller of a business can put their profile on the platform, either by themselves or with the assistance of a transfer broker; examples of such include banks, accountants, real estate agents and consultants working in the area of company transfers.

A list of recommendations is provided to assist entrepreneurs in putting their business on the platform. Contact is possible either by telephone or email. Any intermediary contact is guaranteed full anonymity . Advertisements are published for six months, with a possible three–month extension.


  • Regional funds
  • Employers' organisation

Involved actors

Regional/local government
Launched with the support of the Flemish government, which sponsored it for the first three years.
Employer or employee organisations
Run by Unizo (a business chamber).


The platform has around 20,000 unique visitors per month. At the time of writing (June 2020), more than 400 companies were listed. The platform has a success rate of 25%.



Guidance is also available through the platform for (potential) cliënts that seek advice in the process the business transfer (for companies with an expexted selling value below €500,000).


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No information available.
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