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Restructuring support instruments

Eurofound’s ERM database on support instruments for restructuring provides information on more than 300 measures in the Member States of the European Union and Norway. National governments, employers’ organisations and trade unions are among the bodies providing support for companies that need to restructure and the affected employees.

The support instruments are described in terms of their characteristics, involved actors, funding sources, strengths, weaknesses and outcomes. The aim is to inform governments, social partners and others involved about what kinds of support can be offered.

Research carried out prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January 2020, and published subsequently, may include data relating to the 28 EU Member States. Following this date, research only takes into account the 27 EU Member States (EU28 minus the UK), unless specified otherwise.

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  • CountryEU 27 + UK and Norway
  • PhaseEither anticipation or management
    • Anticipationrefers to activities that help to prepare workers or companies for change.
    • Managementcovers activities required to handle a current restructuring event while minimising social costs. It refers to the steps involved in implementing an organisational change process.
  • Typethe range includes training, advice, help with access to finance, matching activities and other supports for companies and workers affected by restructuring
  • Fundingby national, local or regional governments; the European Union; social partners jointly or individually; companies in general or the specific employer undergoing restructuring
  • Involved actorsincluding national, regional or local government; social partners and public employment services.
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Енглески назив Оригинални назив Country Phasesort ascending Type
The Companies' Exchange Bourse d’entreprises Luxembourg Management Advice, Matching/Networking, Support of business transfers, Support of SMEs
Department of labour relations Τμήμα Εργασιακών Σχέσεων Cyprus Management Advice, Social Dialogue
Wage guarantee fund Wage guarantee fund Malta Management Response to COVID-19, Income support for workers
Social Insurance Fund (SIF) Social Insurance Fund (SIF) Ireland Management Income support for workers
Contract agreements on work performed outside an employment relationship Dohody o prácach vykonávaných mimo pracovného pomeru Slovakia Management Working time flexibility
Federal funding for energy advice for SMEs Bundesförderung für Energieberatung im Mittelstand Germany Management Access to finance, Transition to a climate-neutral economy, Advice, Support of SMEs
Temporary job offers portal Ajutiste tööpakkumiste portaal Estonia Management Response to COVID-19, Fostering mobility, Matching/Networking
Partial unemployment Částečná nezaměstnanost Czechia Management Response to COVID-19, Income support for workers, Working time flexibility
Ad hoc cooperation agreement Egyedi együttműködési megállapodások Hungary Management Advice, Fostering mobility, Matching/Networking, Social Dialogue, Training
Temporary suspension of employment with re-employment commitments Kündigung mit Wiedereinstellungszusage Austria Management Income support for workers, Working time flexibility
Centre for enterprises in difficulty Centre pour Entreprises en difficulté/ Centrum voor Ondernemingen in moeilijkheden Belgium Management Response to COVID-19, Advice, Support of SMEs
Time bank Banco de Horas Portugal Management Working time flexibility
Allocated cumulative working time (working time bank) Munkaidőkeret Hungary Management Response to COVID-19, Working time flexibility
Wage guarantee in case of insolvency Ochrana zaměstnanců před platební neschopností zaměstnavatele Czechia Management Income support for workers
Simplified employment Egyszerűsített foglalkoztatás Hungary Management Response to COVID-19, Matching/Networking, Working time flexibility
Transfer of personnel to companies within the same group Μεταφορά προσωπικού σε επιχειρήσεις εντός του ιδίου ομίλου Greece Management Response to COVID-19, Employment incentive, Matching/Networking, Working time flexibility
Short-time working allowance Kurzarbeitergeld Germany Management Response to COVID-19, Income support for workers, Working time flexibility
Sectoral restructuring plans Planes de restructuración sectorial Spain Management Access to finance, Income support for workers, Social Dialogue, Start-up support, Training
Start-up promotion law Neugründungs-Förderungsgesetz (NeuFöG) Austria Management Access to finance, Employment incentive, Start-up support, Support of business transfers
Pay guarantee regulation/Unemployment Insurance Act Loongarantieregeling/Werkloosheidswet – WW Netherlands Management Income support for workers