FOME Future of Manufacturing in Europe

Impact of new game changing technologies


Digital technology is changing manufacturing. Changes falling under the heading of 'Industry 4.0' describe a set of technologies which are likely to bring about deep transformations of the production process: advanced robots, networked machines and artificial intelligence will be combined to generate new products and new ways of making products. This will have consequences for work organisation, for employment at establishment level, as well as in terms of skill demands. It will also impact on the structures that regulate the relationship between social partners in specific sectors.


The project aims at examining the potential impact of new technologies, the 'game changers' or disruptors, on manufacturing in Europe. The main purpose of the five studies is to allow stakeholders to anticipate and address the impact of new technologies on production processes, working conditions and social dialogue.


The project includes five separate studies, each one focusing on a 'game changing' technology in European manufacturing: advanced robotics, 3D printing, electric vehicles, biotech, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). The methodology applied was a combination of desk research, in-depth interviews and workshops where innovators, employers, trade unions and policy makers had a chance to discuss the future of the technology in their specific sector. Each of the reports investigates the possible impact of these technologies on production processes, working conditions, and employment in terms of skills, competences and tasks. The horizon of the studies is 10 years into the future.

Overview report and case studies: Game changing technologies in European manufacturing: Exploring the impact on production process and work 

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