EQLS 2016 - Questionnaire

A high-quality questionnaire is a key element of a successful survey. Therefore, Eurofound invests heavily in the development and translation of its questionnaires.


A total of 104 questions and 262 items are available in the EQLS 2016. The questionnaire from the previous survey was reviewed in consultation with both policy stakeholders and experts in survey research. Some 66% of the EQLS 2011 questionnaire was kept as trend questions, while 51% of the EQLS 2016 questionnaire is comparable with earlier rounds.

The questionnaire for the EQLS 2016 has a considerable focus on public services: healthcare, long-term care, childcare and schools, and measuring different aspects of quality such as fair access, facilities, staff and information available to citizens. The questionnaire was also revised to improve the placement of subjective well-being items so that they were asked at the beginning of the interview before reflections on other topics could potentially affect responses.

The interactive data explorer provides information on selected survey questions.


The EQLS 2016 source questionnaire is in English and language versions are available.

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