European Company Survey 2019

To achieve sustainable, inclusive and smart growth, Europe needs competitive companies that offer decent jobs to workers. To perform at their best, companies need motivated workers with the right skills to do their job, and willing to use those skills to the best of their ability. To have sustainable, productive and fulfilling careers, workers need a stimulating work environment that recognises their input and facilitates their development.

About the survey

Eurofound and Cedefop have joined forces to carry out the fourth European Company Survey (ECS) in 2019. The ECS 2019 collects data in over 20,000 establishments on workplace practices with regard to work organisation, human resource management, skills use, skills strategies, digitalisation, direct employee participation and social dialogue. It allows for the identification of those bundles of workplace practices that work particularly well in creating win–win outcomes: situations where workers are facilitated and motivated to use their skills to the full, share their knowledge and insights with colleagues and management, and identify opportunities to improve both themselves and the work process as a whole, allowing establishments to thrive.

The ECS 2019 is the first large-scale, cross-national survey to use a push-to-web approach. Fieldwork is carried out by Ipsos. Establishments across all EU Member States are contacted via telephone to identify a management respondent, and, where possible, an employee representative respondent. Respondents are then asked to fill out the survey questionnaire online. This approach reduces the burden on respondents and is expected to improve the quality of responses. Having the questionnaire administration fully online makes the ECS well and truly future-proof.


The overview report for the ECS 2019 will be published in autumn 2020. It will describe patterns in workplace practices, and relate them to managerial strategies and outcomes for businesses and their employees.


Reader-friendly versions of the online questionnaires used for the management and employee representative interviews are available for download. The full questionnaires used during the fieldwork will be made available in all languages in due course.

Further information

For additional information about the ECS, contact Gijs van Houten.

See also Cedefop website

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