EWCS 2010 - Data tables

The tables in this annex complement the data in the survey mapping tool. These tables show results by isco, age and gender, NACE, etc., and are available below for download in .csv format.

The variables in the tables are sorted by topic, and proportions, mean values or distributions are given for different subcategories of respondents. Table 1 (breakdown by country) shows values for these variables for the different countries, and Table 2 (other breakdowns) shows the values for different categories of age, gender, employment status, sector and occupation.

Although Table 2 allows for a general comparison between men and women at the EU27 level, it does not allow for more specific comparisons between men and women, for instance within a certain country or within a certain sector. Therefore, in order to give more information on topics from a gender perspective, Table 3 (breakdown by country – men only), Table 4 (other breakdowns – men only), Table 5 (breakdown by country – women only) and Table 6 (other breakdowns – women only) show a separate breakdown of the figures for men and women, allowing a comparison between the values for men and women within the analysis shown in Table 2.

Column A of the tables states the original name of each variable in the survey, with a label that specifies the content of the variable. Column B specifies the different answer categories for that variable. For some variables, the answer categories have been condensed into fewer categories in order to reduce the table’s size or in order to show the distribution of a numerical variable. The original wording and coding of the questions can be viewed on the EWCS 2010 questionnaire.

Some variables in the table are indices, which have been constructed based on two or more original items from the survey. This table shows which variables each of these indices were based on, and how they were constructed.