EWCS 2010 - Questionnaire

A high quality questionnaire is a key element of a successful survey. Eurofound invests considerably in the development of its questionnaires. The 5th European Working Conditions Survey questionnaire includes questions from previous rounds, where possible and relevant, to enable analysis of trends over time. In addition, new concepts are integrated to reflect new and emerging areas of interest. The questionnaire underwent detailed preparation inhouse and was developed in close collaboration with an expert group. The process included pre-testing in two countries. For further information please see the questionnaire development page.

Another vital element to ensure the success of a pan-European survey is the quality of the language versions used in each country. The extensive translation procedure developed by Eurofound and its contractor reflects the importance of high quality translations. For more information on the process, and to access all the language versions, please see the questionnaire translation page.

The master questionnaire for the 5th EWCS, in English, can be downloaded.