E-food grants riders contracts

In September 2021, E-Food, which is the largest food delivery platform in Greece and which belongs to Delivery Hero, announced that the employment contracts of its riders would not be renewed but that riders would begin to work on a freelance basis. In response, riders organised a four-hour strike and a protest with 1000-1500 riders taking part. Additionally, the riders launched a campaign on Twitter to boycott the app, which caused thousands of customers to delete the app, and the company’s rating on Google fell from 4.5 stars to one. The protest actions were supported by the Attica Food and Tourism Trade Union, the Assembly of Base Workers of Bicycle Drivers and the Panhellenic Federation of Food and Tourism Workers (POETT). As a result, the platform reverted its decision and offered employment contracts of unlimited duration to its riders one week after the original announcement. 

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Gig Economy Project - Greece: E-food concedes to riders demands in “huge victory” - Brave New Europe


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  • Awareness raising, campaigns, information provision
  • Greece
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  • transport
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  • 2022
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