Greek Law no. 4530/2018

In 2018, a new law was passed in Greece termed ‘Arrangements for transportation issues and other provisions’. It foresees among others that platforms offering taxi services operate as transport companies, which requires them to enter three-year contracts with licensed taxi drivers and to provide information on the exact terms of use of the services, the owners or drivers of the vehicles, vehicle registration certificates and special driving licenses for vehicle drivers. Most importantly, the new law tightens regulations in the taxi market, which had been liberalised before to allow tourist agencies to lease cars and drivers at will. The new law foresees severe fines in case platforms and drivers operate without the respective licenses issued by the Transport Ministry. The main aim is to address potential tax evasion by platforms businesses.  

The new legislation was preceded by protests of taxi drivers, who opposed the practices of platforms such as Uber and Beat for unfair competition. Platform operators opposed the law after it was published and launched a petition in an attempt to undermine it. 

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