Norway: Redundant employees entitlement to public support

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Redundant employees entitlement to public support
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Labour Market Act


Chapter 5


The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) also provides public employment services.  

Redundant employees may register their CV at, and thus be part of a database where employers can search for available employees, and the profile can also be matched against available jobs in NAV's database. 

NAV provides support to unemployed people with the aim to get them into work. What kind of support is given is decided on the basis of an assessment by NAV. Some of these support measures are directed towards people with reduced ability to work, while others can be given to all job seekers.

Measures include work training in companies, with economic support to the companies. This may also be combined with an opportunity to have a mentor. Furthermore, measures may include training within or outside companies, counselling aiming at making it easier to apply for and get a job. The latter includes being member of a so-callded 'job club', a group whose participants are given advice on: evaluating their own skills, applying for jobs, training for interviews and using their own network in order to expand the possibilities to get a job. These classes usually last for a few weeks, with a maximum duration of six months. 

NAV also provides an online guide for job seekers. The guide includes several recommendations on how to look for vacancies, how to write an application and a CV, how to prepare for the job interview, and how to handle repeated rejections.


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