Slovenia: Employees obligation to undertake training

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Employees obligation to undertake training
Senast ändrad: 18 June, 2021
Lokalt namn:

Zakon o delovnih razmerjih (ZDR-1)

Engelskt namn:

Employment Relationship Act (ZDR-1)




A worker has the right to and the obligation of ongoing education, training and further training in accordance with the requirements of the working process with the purpose of maintaining and/or improving the skills to perform the work under the employment contract, to keep employment and increase employability.

The duration and the course of education and the rights of the contracting parties during and after the education are to be laid down in a contract on education and/or a collective agreement. A worker who is undergoing education or training in the interest of the employer or in his/her own interest has the right to absence from work to prepare for or take exams. If there is no agreement whatsoever, the worker has the right to absence from work on the days on which he/she takes exams for the first time and the right to paid absence from work.


If the employee does not follow the obligation to participate in training, the employer may impose admonition or other disciplinary sanctions such as a fine or deprivation of bonuses if such sanctions are laid down in a branch collective agreement.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
  • Employer organisation
  • Trade union
No, applicable in all circumstances
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