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Time off for job search
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Ν. 24/1967 - Ο περί Τερματισμού Απασχόλησης Νόμος του 1967

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Termination of Employment Law, 1967 (Law 24/1967)




An employer who intends to terminate the employment of an employee who has completed at least 26 weeks of employment has to give a minimum period of notice depending on the employees' duration of service.

Article 12 of the Termination of Employment Law provides that during the notice period a redundant employee is entitled to take time off from normal working time for seeking new employment, without loss of pay. The time off is taken in agreement with the employer and cannot exceed 8 hours per week. The total time off for seeking new employment cannot exceed 40 hours from the date of the notice until the termination of employment.


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