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Bulgaria: Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals

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Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals
Senast ändrad: 17 June, 2019
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Закон за насърчаване на заетостта

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Law on encouragement of employment


Chapter 5, Articles 24 and 25


In relation to collective dismissals (within 30 days, at least 10 dismissals in companies with 20-99 workers, at least 10% in companies with 100-299 workers, at least 30 dismissals in companies with 300 or more workers) the employer must notify the Employment Agency in writing not later than 30 days before the date of dismissal.

The Employment Agency must send a copy of the notification to the municipal administration, the territorial division of the National Insurance Institute and the territorial division of the Executive Agency of the General Labour Inspectorate. The employer must also present a copy of the notification to trade unions and employees' representatives.

Upon receipt of this notification, teams consisting of representatives from the employer, the workers' and employees' organisations in the enterprise, the Employment Agency and the municipal administration must be formed. The teams must work out the necessary measures and projects for mediation for employment, the retraining of adults, starting independent economic activity and employment programmes.


The Law on encouragement of employment forms the basis for public authorities' coordination in case of collective dismissals for encouraging employment among affected employees. The information about dismissals must be distributed to the main public stakeholders including the territorial unit of the Employment Agency (labour offices), municipality, national social security institute and the social partners.

These institutions form teams consisting of a representative group made up by the employer, representatives of the employees' organisations in the enterprise, representative of the division of the Employment Agency and representative of the municipal administration. The teams are engaged in creating supporting measures such as employment mediation, vocational training and education, starting an independent economic activity or other employment programmes.

Cost covered by
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Involved actors other than national government
  • Public employment service
  • Regional/local government
  • Trade union
  • Works council
  • Other
Involvement others
National Insurance Institute, territorial division of the Executive Agency - General Labour Inspectorate
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