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National exchange for craft opportunities

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  • Support of business transfers
  • Support of SMEs
Senast ändrad: 03 August, 2021
Lokalt namn:

Bourse Nationale des créateurs, des repreneurs , des cédants pour entreprendre dans l'artisanat (BNOA)

Engelskt namn:

National exchange for craft opportunities


This instrument is specifically dedicated to the craft sector, mainly employers with fewer than 10 employees.

Main characteristics

The National Enterprise Exchange for Craft Enterprises is a national 'virtual' marketplace for buyers and sellers of enterprises created in 2000 by the Chambers of Craft Trades (Chambres des Métiers et de l'Artisanat). Their advisers assess the companies being sold and check information on the entrepreneur, the business, customers, equipment, human resources, financial results, the business environment and the reasons for the sale.

After this assessment, offers are published on the web site. If a buyer is interested in an offer, the adviser organises the first meeting between the buyer and the seller. They also provide advice on the legal and financial aspects of the business in the transition phase and follow-up support in the transfer process by conducting a review after the first months of activity.


  • National funds
  • European funds
  • European Funds (ESF)

Involved actors

National government
Funded by the state agency, the Directorate of Trade, Crafts and Liberal Professions (La Direction du Commerce, de l'Artisanat, des Services et des Professions libérales, DCASPL).
Employer or employee organisations
Run by the Assemblée Permanente des Chambres de Métiers et de l'Artisanat (APCMA).
European Social Fund (ESF) funding is also provided. / Réseau 'Transmettre et Reprendre' ('Sell and Buy Network'- putting together :APCMA, AFE, Bpi France, CCI Enteprendre en France, CNB, CSN, CSOEC, CRA)


As of 12 June 2020, the web site published 5,803 offers of SMEs for sale. No  precise information is available about the number of offers which have been successful,  but the web site mentions that the measure supports the transfer of about 30,000 businesses each year out of 40,000  available offers.


The seller has the opportunity to disseminate her/his offer across France by preserving the confidentiality of the assessment carried out by the advisers as well as the identity of the seller.

The simplified search tool allows the buyer to select companies on sale by industry sector and geographic area. Advanced research requires more precise criteria: keywords, company size, type of items sold, and selling price. The offers are reliable as they have been assessed by advisers from the Chamber of Craft Trades. 

A package of services is proposed, including advice to both buyers and sellers, assessment of the sold business, publication of the offers and assistance to the parties involved during the sale and follow-up support for the buyer during the first months after the sale. To avail of these services, sellers are required to register to the local chamber of craft trades and pay some reduced fee. The services are however free of charge for buyers.

The website also provides with different resources to support buyers and sellers: handbooks, technical fiches, guides, videos, organisation of events, etc. These resources are made available thanks to the 'Réseau Transmettre et Reprendre' putting together eight different national bodies, all of them being involved in business transfer issues, including of course the APCMA.


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