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Eurofound publishes its work in a range of publication formats to match audience needs and the nature of the output. These include flagship reports on a particular area of activity, research reports summarising the findings of a research project and policy briefs presenting policy pointers from research projects or facts and figures relevant to policy debates. Also included are blog articles, regular articles on working life in Europe, presentations, working papers providing background material to ongoing or already concluded research, and reports arising from ad hoc requests by policymakers. Other corporate publications include annual reports, brochures and promotional publications. Web databases and online resources such as data visualisation applications are available in Data and resources.

  • Foundation Findings - Political trust and civic engagement during the crisis

    This policy brief highlights findings on a specific topic from Eurofound’s European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) that is of particular interest from a policy perspective. It brings together results from the analysis of EQLS data and evidence from other sources to formulate a number of policy pointers. The focus of this policy brief is findings on trust in national and European political institutions and on civic engagement during the economic crisis.
  • Quality of life in Europe: Subjective well-being

    This report assesses the impact of the crisis on the subjective well-being of Europeans. In 2011, GDP per capita in 22 out of the then 27 EU Member States was below 2008 levels, and unemployment rates were higher in 25 out of the 27. These indicators demonstrate worrying trends, but the report goes deeper, trying to answer various questions: What is the real impact on people’s lives? Who has been hit hardest? Where have there been positive wellbeing patterns? What explains the variation in well-being across Europe? How can policy increase or stem the fall in well-being in the future? It concludes that the crisis may not be affecting everyone’s well-being equally, nor all aspects of well-being. Well-being has fallen in many EU countries, remaining highest in northern countries. However, falls in wellbeing in many western EU countries have been matched by increases in eastern countries. Population groups with low well-being include those limited by disability or illness and unemployed people.
  • European Commission pushes social dimension of EMU

    In its report to the European Parliament and Council, ‘Strengthening the Social Dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union’ (188KB PDF) [1], the European Commission makes a further contribution to the debate on deepening Economic and Monetary Union (EMU [2]), stating that the general social agenda is relevant to all 28 EU Member States. [1] [2]
  • Ageing population could impede growth in EU job market

    A European Commission working paper, ‘Growth potential of EU human resources and policy implications for future economic growth’ [1], analyses the impact of demographic ageing. The findings indicate that demographic trends and, more specifically, the ageing of the EU’s population, represent a key challenge in their impact on the size and structure of the European workforce. [1]
  • Chronic lung problems linked to workplace environment

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has emerged as a disease which is widespread in Norway. COPD is the name for a collection of lung conditions including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease. People with COPD have difficulty breathing, primarily due to the narrowing of the airways. Typical symptoms include breathlessness, a persistent phlegm-producing cough and frequent chest infections
  • ERM Quarterly - Issue 3, October 2013

    Prospects for growth in the EU are improving thanks to the combination of a smaller fiscal drag, stronger external demand and a gradual improvement in private sector lending conditions. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that output will increase in the euro zone by 1.1% in 2014 after a 0.3% decline in 2013. This third issue for 2013 includes: Macroeconomic trends and prospects; Job creation and job loss at a glance (1/7/13 - 30/9/13); Sectoral distribution of job losses/job gains, and top five cases; Support instruments for restructuring in Lithuania; Cases in focus: Airline restructuring - Air France and Lufthansa; Sector in focus – The postal services sector.
  • Foundation Focus - Quality of life, public services and the crisis

    This issue of Foundation Focus looks at impacts of the crisis on quality of life in Europe. Has quality of life worsened? Have all sections of society borne the impact equally, or have some ill-favoured groups been particularly affected? How do European citizens rate the quality of their public services since the onset of the crisis? Do these services – such as healthcare and childcare – do the job that is asked of them? If not, how can public services and the European welfare state change to meet a new reality? And what of the public sector workers who are responsible for the delivery of many of these services: how has their working situation changed since 2008?
  • Women, men and working conditions in Europe

    Despite much legislative progress in gender equality over the past 40 years, there are still gender gaps across many aspects of the labour market. Inequalities are still evident in areas such as access to the labour market, employment patterns and associated working conditions. This report explores gender differences across several dimensions of working conditions, examining relevant country differences, analysing the different occupational groups of both men and women, and comparing the public and private sectors. It also looks at the impact of the crisis on gender segregation in employment. Based on findings from the fifth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS), conducted in 2010, the analysis offers a striking picture of women and men at work across 34 European countries today.
  • Eurofound News, Issue 9, October 2013

    This issue contains articles on: Findings in figures; New database on collective pay bargaining; Promoting diversity in European workplaces; News in brief; and Publications.
  • Eurofound News, Issue 8, September 2013

    This issue contains articles on: Findings in figures; More and better jobs in home-care services; EU Agencies - supporting the Social Model; News in brief; and Publications.