Labour market

Covers employment policy and economic factors that influence the labour market and labour market participation, and shifts in employment rates and employment status.

The European labour market is being reshaped by technological developments, societal change and economic transformation. The participation of women in the world of paid work continues to rise, as do the numbers of older people in work. However, unemployment rates remain at unacceptable levels, particularly for young people. The jobs crisis is being tackled by wage restraint, equipping workers with the skills required and an increased focus on tackling undeclared work; other efforts involve greater flexibility, through working time adjustments, more temporary employment and more part-time work – which in turn brings both benefits and challenges to workers and employers.

To give policymakers the solid evidence to respond effectively to continuing change, Eurofound research analyses how national and local bodies can support job-seekers, how active labour market policies can help citizens gain the skills they need, and how governments can best eliminate undeclared work.

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