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This page lists Eurofound's calls for tender not subject to publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) of value between EUR 15 000 and EUR 140 000. A list of both ongoing and closed calls for tenders (if any) is provided below.

By clicking on the specific call for tenders title, economic operators are being transferred to TED eTendering which is an EU institutions' eProcurement platform. It allows economic operators to register an interest in specific tender resulting with Eurofound receiving contact details of an interested party. Economic operators need to register with TED in order to register their interest.

Please noteEurofound shall not be liable for any compensation with respect to economic operators who expressed their interest if it decides to abandon the procedure or when the needs giving rise to the procurement become obsolete. Nor shall it be so liable if it decides that some parameters of the procedures listed are modified or only some of the interested parties are invited to the actual procurement procedure.



Registered charities are invited to express their interest for the items listed in the form below: