As an EU agency, Eurofound is required to 'regularly carry out ex-ante and ex-post evaluations of programmes and activities entailing significant spending', according to article 28 (1) of its Founding Regulation, and article 29 (5) of the Financial Regulation.

Monitoring and evaluation function and policy

The monitoring and evaluation function is part of the Operational Support Unit and ensures the regular evaluation of Eurofound programmes and activities in accordance with good evaluation practice.

Eurofound evaluation activities are implemented through a multiannual monitoring and evaluation programme which accompanies its multiannual programming cycle.

In line with its policy, Eurofound makes evaluations conducted as part of its programme available to its Management Board, but also available on request according to Eurofound access to information policy.

External evaluation reports

Evaluations 2009 - 2012

Previous external evaluation reports

Other evaluation reports

Ex-ante evaluations

Selected project evaluation