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The issue of care has moved to the forefront of the policy agenda in Europe following the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased care needs during this time brought into focus shortfalls in care provision, inequalities in unpaid domestic care, and the long-term challenges of increased care needs in the years to come.

The new episode of Eurofound Talks looks in-depth at care: care for children, care for older people, care for those who are frail or with disabilities, access to care, the quality of care, and the working conditions of care workers. Mary McCaughey speaks with Senior Research Manager Hans Dubois about how care policy has received more attention post-pandemic in the context of the European Commission’s new European Care Strategy on quality, affordable and accessible care services across the EU, as well as the European Parliament’s resolution Towards a common European action on care. They also discuss the impact of care on related areas such as gender equality, Europe's long-term economic development, and ensuring greater social cohesion.

This episode has been published in advance of Eurofound’s upcoming webinar Building a stronger Europe - Making the European Care Strategy work. The webinar, which takes place later this week, will look at how the provision of care services is at the core of effective social protection in the EU, quality of life, access to education and employment.

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