Finland: Severance pay/redundancy compensation

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Severance pay/redundancy compensation
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Valtion virkamiesten eroraha-asetus (999/1994)

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Decree on State Officials' Severance Pay (999/1994)


Sec. 1-3


State officials can be entitled to severance pay when dismissed, or if resigning after at least 150 days since the start of an indefinite lay-off. Severance pay will then be applicable if a job centre has not been able to find work or training for the employee within one month following the dismissal or resignation. The employee must be between 45 and 64 years of age and must not be entitled to any kind of pension. In order to qualify for the severance pay, the employee must further have been employed by the state for a minimum of five contiguous years prior to the dismissal, with an average weekly working time of at least 16 hours.

Severance pay is not formally regulated for any other types of employers or contracts.


No information available.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
  • National government
Involved actors other than national government
  • Public employment service
No, applicable in all circumstances
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