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Latvia: Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals

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Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals
Son değişiklik: 10 December, 2021
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Labour law


106, 107


In case of collective redundancy (within 30 days, dismissals of at least 5 workers in companies with 21-49 employees, at least 10 workers in companies with 50-99 employees, at least 10% in companies with 100-299 employees or at least 30 workers in larger firms), the public authorities (State Employment Agency and the municipality) have to be informed.

Employers are required to notify in writing public authorities at least 30 days in advance of planned collective redundancies. The notification has to include the given name, surname or company name of the employer, location and type of activity of the undertaking, reasons for the intended collective redundancy, number of employees to be made redundant stating the occupation and qualifications of each employee, number of employees normally employed by the undertaking and the time period within which it is intended to carry out the collective redundancy, as well as provide information regarding the consultations with employee representatives. The employer has to send a duplicate of the notification to the employee representatives.

In exceptional cases the State Employment Agency may extend the time limit to 60 days. The State Employment Agency has to notify in writing the employer and employee representatives regarding extension of the time period and the reasons for it two weeks before expiry of the time period mentioned before.

Law on the Management of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection (in force since 5 April 2020) sets that the State Employment Agency may shorten the time period for a notification of collective redundancy specified in Section 107 of the Labour Law by determining it shorter than 30 days. The State Employment Agency must immediately notify in writing an employer and representatives of employees of the shortening of the time period.


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