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Eurofound publishes its work in a range of publication formats to match audience needs and the nature of the output. These include flagship reports on a particular area of activity, research reports summarising the findings of a research project and policy briefs presenting policy pointers from research projects or facts and figures relevant to policy debates. Also included are blog articles, regular articles on working life in Europe, presentations, working papers providing background material to ongoing or already concluded research, and reports arising from ad hoc requests by policymakers. Other corporate publications include annual reports, brochures and promotional publications. Web databases and online resources such as data visualisation applications are available in Data and resources.

  • Violence in the education sector - Background paper

    This background paper has been drafted in response to a request in June 2008 from the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) for a summary of Eurofound research and data on the incidence of workplace violence in the education sector in the EU. Eurofound has a track record of research on workplace bullying, violence and discrimination going back to the 1990s. These negative dimensions of the work experience have in particular been charted in successive waves of the European Working Conditions survey [EWCS] from 1990–2005.
  • Minimum wages in Europe - Background paper

    This background paper from the European Foundation has been drafted to coincide with the European Parliament’s hearing on 12 September 2007 in Brussels on the ‘Role of the minimum wage/minimum income for social inclusion in the EU’. The focus of the paper is on minimum wage provisions in Europe; it represents a brief synthesis of relevant Foundation research, supplemented with OECD/Eurostat data where such data is more up to date. It aims to give, in summary fashion, an overview of developments in minimum wage/minimum income provision at Member State level. It also aims to outline the perspectives of the social partners and provide some pointers regarding current and emerging policy issues.
  • Financial participation of employees in the European Union: Much ado about nothing? - Background paper

    The research indicates that financial participation can deliver real benefits for employees, enterprises and national economies. However, despite this potential, it remains little used in most Member States, and is very unevenly distributed across the EU. This background paper has updated the Foundation’s research on financial participation using employee data for the first time, from the fourth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS).
  • The gender pay gap - Background paper

    Although collective agreements and minimum wage laws are in principle gender-neutral, women still end up earning less than men. This paper briefly explores some different facets of the ‘gender pay gap’ issue, based on data collected from two of the Foundation’s projects: the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) report Pay developments (2005), and the fourth European Working Conditions Survey, published early in 2007.