EWCS 2015 – Sampling

The sample used in the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) is representative of those aged 15 years and over (16 and over in Bulgaria, Norway, Spain and the UK) who are in employment and are resident in the country that is being surveyed. In each of the 35 countries, a multi-stage, stratified clustered sampling design was used.

In each country, primary sampling units (PSUs) were sampled, stratified according to geographic regions (NUTS 2 level or below) and three levels of urbanisation (DEGURBA). Subsequently, in each PSU, households were sampled. In countries where an up-to-date, high-quality address or population register was available, this was used as the sampling frame. If such a register was not available, enumeration was used to generate addresses using the random-walk method. Enumeration was separated from the interviewing stage. Finally, a screening procedure was applied to select the eligible respondent within each household.

For the target and achieved sample sizes per country see Weighting.

For further information please see the Sampling implementation report.

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