Collective agreement between Just Eat, trade union CGIL, CISL and UIL Trasporti and workers in Italy

On 29 March 2021, an agreement was signed in Tuscany between the food delivery platform Just Eat, platform workers, and trade union CGIL (Italian General Confederation of Labour), CISL (Italian Confederation of Workers' Trade Unions), and UIL Trasporti (Italian Union of Transport Workers).

Thanks to this agreement, the national contract specifically designed for workers in the transport and logistics sector will apply to Just Eat riders as well. The riders will therefore be able to enjoy benefits including a minimum wage of €8.5 per hour, guaranteed minimum working hours, paid holidays, social protection, health and safety protection as well as trade union rights. The riders on this contract will be provided with safety equipment, such as helmet and riding vests, and compensation for using their own vehicles during work. The agreement has also limited the number of deliveries to a maximum of four within an hour.

The agreement indicates an important point concerning regulating digital platforms: existing measures, such as the national collective agreement on transport and logistics sector, will be sufficient and no new instrument will be created.

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