European Working Conditions Telephone Survey 2021 – Read the findings

Eurofound has published the results of its European Working Conditions Telephone Survey (EWCTS) 2021. The survey covered over 70,000 workers in 36 countries and provides a wide-ranging picture of job quality across countries, occupations, sectors, gender and age groups in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report documents the working conditions of workers across Europe in 2021, while the data explorer presents the responses to over 100 questions from the questionnaire. Read the key findings, delve deeper into the report and explore the data:


Eurofound carries out three pan-European surveys. The surveys offer a unique source of comparative information on the quality of living and working conditions across the EU. In April 2020, the Agency launched the e-survey, Living, working and COVID-19, and has carried out several rounds to date.


Eurofound has three observatories, which draw extensively on the work of Eurofound's network of European correspondents, as well as other research activities.