Social policies

18 September 2017

Covers factors affecting how people experience the societies in which they live, including measures and policies put in place to protect people from economic and social disadvantage and improve their living standards.

A defining ideal of the European project is that economic prosperity and social progress should go hand in hand. Social policies seek to support that ideal in practice. Europe’s current overarching policy for growth – Europe 2020 – has set targets on a number of measures that decision-makers use to gauge progress. A range of initiatives have been proposed to help reach these targets in such areas as: youth employment; skills; social protection systems; effective health and long-term care; social inclusion; and educational attainment.

Eurofound is tying its research to the agreed policy priorities formulated by the European Institutions and social partners. The Agency’s research findings show how policy is working in practice, what approaches have been shown to work, and how policies can be made yet more effective.

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