2018 Communications calendar

Date Type Title
15 January Publication Developing regional industrial policy capacity
18 January Blog Who is providing care home services for older people in Europe?
23 January Publication European Quality of Life Survey 2016
24 January Event Policies for an ageing workforce: Work-life balance, working conditions and equal opportunities
29 January Publication Mapping varieties of industrial relations: Eurofound’s analytical framework applied
06 February Publication Statutory minimum wages 2018
07 February Publication Pay transparency in Europe: First experiences with gender pay reports and audits in four Member States
09 February Event Self-employment in Europe: labour market and social protection
12 February Blog Implications of Brexit for the UK financial services sector
21 February Blog Recent developments in work–life balance in Finland
28 February Blog Ten points about pay transparency in Europe’s companies
06 March Publication Involvement of the national social partners in the European Semester 2017: Social dialogue practices
06 March Publication Youth in Greece
07 March Publication Eurofound style guide
07 March Blog Quality of life in Germany is more than just making ends meet
08 March Event Access to and quality of public services in the EU: A debate on improving quality of life - Video available
15 March Blog Migrants in European labour markets are persistently disadvantaged by region of origin
27 March Publication Salary-setting mechanisms across the EU
27 March Publication Discrimination against men at work: Experiences in five countries
28 March Blog Industrial democracy still in vogue
05 April Publication Game changing technologies: Exploring the impact on production processes and work
17 April Event Informal Meeting of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) - Employment & Social Policy
17 April Blog Long-term unemployed youth: The legacy of the crisis
26 April Event The role of survey data for evidence-based policymaking on working time in the EU: experiences and ways forward
27 April Blog What has the EU ever done to protect its workers?
29 April Event ICOH 2018 - 32nd International Congress on Occupational Health
01 May Blog What about men?
03 May Blog Europe’s long-term issue: Youth unemployment
24 May Publication Automation, digitalisation and platforms: Implications for work and employment
29 May Event OECD Forum 2018
01 June Blog Stamping out fraud in hiring practices across Europe
06 June Blog Three vectors transforming work in the digital revolution
08 June Event Future jobs, current challenges - Cedefop 2018 Skills Forecast launch event
11 June Event Regional Industrial Policy Seminar 4: Introduction of advanced digital manufacturing technologies in European regions
12 June Publication Consolidated annual activity report of the Authorising Officer for the year 2017
12 June Publication Living and working in Europe 2017
14 June Blog Germany’s minimum wage has reduced wage inequality
18 June Blog Europe’s economic recovery continues in times of political instability
18 June Blog The human factor in innovation
21 June Blog Keeping careers alive as work transforms
26 June Event Quality of life – Sharing data to shape better policies
June Publication Generational differences in quality of life
July Publication Women managers and working life
July Publication Burnout in Europe: A comparative review of data and policy answers
July Publication Exploring the connections between EU- and national-level social dialogue
July Publication Developments in collectively agreed pay 2017
August Publication National apprenticeship systems in manufacturing and advanced manufacturing
August Publication Social insecurity and resilience
August Publication Annual review of working life 2017
August Publication Life and society in the EU candidate countries
September Publication New tasks in old jobs: implications for working life
September Publication Employment and working conditions of selected types of platform work
September Publication Impact on employment of state initiatives for innovation
September Publication Working in the on-demand economy
September Publication Living with disability and chronic illness
September Publication Social cohesion and well-being
September Publication Societal change and trust in institutions
September Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations – Commerce sector
October Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations – Metal sector
October Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations – Steel sector
October Publication Impact of restructuring on working conditions - ERM annual report 2017
October Publication Concepts, measurement and indicators of convergence
November Publication Born globals and their international value chains
November Publication Access to and quality of key public services in the EU
November Publication Monitoring working conditions on a global stage
November Publication Assessments of changes to dual apprenticeships
December Publication Progress in employment indicators of convergence
December Publication Progress in socioeconomic indicators of convergence
December Publication Life in rural Europe
December Publication Life in European cities
December Publication Effects of employment status on working life
December Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations – Contract catering sector
December Publication Concept and practice of a living wage in the EU
December Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations – Inland water transport
December Publication Social dialogue at national level – Establishing an EU scoreboard
December Publication Representativeness of the European social partner organisations – Hotels, restaurants and catering
January Publication Five scenarios for the future of manufacturing
January Publication Work, care and work–life balance
February Publication Progress in employment and socioeconomic dimensions of convergence
February Publication Workers' health and sustainable work
March Publication Employment strategies in cooperatives and social enterprises
March Publication Extent and implications of casual work in the EU
October Publication European Company Survey 2019: Overview report